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AUTOGRAPHED: The Cat Man of Aleppo


I am currently signing ALL the copies ordered through Book Culture.
Any of my books including this book can be autographed when ordered through BookCulture .
Please add note to ask for my autograph at checkout. Also call: (212) 865-1588 or e-mail: info@bookculture.com to inquire.

If you want the book dedicated to someone I will do that as well. ( please clearly mention how you want that to be on the note section of your order such as "For Irene" etc. so we know exactly how you want it. )

Thank you for supporting my local independent bookstore during this tough time.

The Cat Man of Aleppo is a story about a man who made a sanctuary for abandoned cats in the war torn Aleppo, Syria. Published from G.P. Putnam's Sons Books of USA.
Publishing date: April 15, 2020