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AUTOGRAPHED BOOK The Cat Man of Aleppo

$17.99 Publishing date: April 15, 2020
(not sold from my store)

ALL the copies ordered through Book Culture will be AUTOGRAPHED.
Please support my local independent bookstore during this tough times by ordering through them.


If you want the book dedicated to someone I will do that as well. ( please clearly mention how you want that to be on the note section of your order such as "For Irene" etc. so we know exactly how you want it. )
Book Culture currently ships within USA, Canada, UK and Ireland.

The Cat Man of Aleppo is a story about a man who made a sanctuary for abandoned cats in the war torn Aleppo, Syria. Published from G.P. Putnam's Sons Books of USA.

If you want any of my other books signed, please order here. Mention "please have Yuko sign" in the note section so they won't miss them.