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HOLIDAY 2022 notice

updated: December 19, 2022

Your orders placed by December 16 were all shipped out on or before December 17. (tracking information was sent to you.)

Until the end of the year, we will try to ship any new orders,  received on or after December 17, as soon as we can as the orders come in.

From January 2023, We will go back to shipping once in 2+ weeks.

Thank you for understanding.



  • USPS Priority SHOULD only take up to 2-3 days to anywhere in the continental USA, but please be patient when there may be unavoidable delays during the holiday season.
  • If you prefer UPS over USPS, please let us know by contacting shop@yukoart.com


  • For non-US orders, we are shipping with UPS wherever we can, which is usually much faster and more reliable. 
  • to destinations where UPS does not work, we will use USPS. Please understand it may take a lot longer than usual during the holiday rush. Please inquire your local postal office for any holiday delays.
  • Please please please check the tracking info we will send you. It cost us so much when the package gets returned and we have to reship. We want to avoid that happening. 


  • You can e-mail us at shop@yukoart.com if you have any questions. 
  • Please do let us know immediately if the package arrives damaged. We will reship. 


Please keep using the promo code FIGHTCORONA to get 20% off all your print orders.

Thank you and happy holidays!